Where To Sell Diamond Engagement Rings In The Most Secured Way?

It’s really a tough decision to sell your wedding or engagement rings after divorce or when you are going through a very bad financial condition. But if you already have proven yourself strong enough to take the decision, just don’t retreat and go ahead to the selling process. Know, Where and How to Sell the […]


Know About Diamond Prices Before Selling Your Diamond Jewellery In UK

“A diamond is forever”, but not for all. Whatever be the reason behind your decision to sell your diamond, selling the material isn’t as easy you suppose it to be. Because the stone is so precious, a lot is involved. If you are cash-strapped selling the stone can help you to get rid of the […]


How Different Can the Price of the Diamond Be When You Search For Places That Buy Jewellery?

Want to sell off your diamond? You must be in search of the correct shop then? But did you know that diamond has different prices for different kinds of seller and, that you might be losing too much of profit if you are in a hurry? This is what we would be discussing here. So, […]


How You Can Get Your Diamond Prices: GIA Brings To You Some Help

Diamonds are really not for the faint-hearted. Neither the purchase of the gem is easy, nor the selling. So, which one are you? Brave enough to sell off your unused ring? These might help you. Parting with a diamond is a heavy deal. You have to be emotionally strong. Having said that, the situations might […]


4 Steps Can Help You Sell You Diamond In The Best Possible Price

Living in London has its own perks. Many well-known pawnshops have made the exchange business easier. So, are you thinking of selling your diamonds in one of those? Do you think this will be a profitable deal? Guess, no! Jewellery has always been considered as one of those extravagant buys of man’s life, which he […]


Where to sell your uncertified diamonds and diamond jewellery

Do you have loose diamonds and diamond jewellery that are not certified? You might some idea about the difficulties of selling them if you have tried before. Most of the buyers want jewellery that are certified by GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL, etc. that were not even introduced before 1970. So, what should you do if […]


The Best Place To Sell Your Diamond Jewellery With Maximum Profit

Putting your diamonds up for sale involves a lot of shilly-shally. Hesitation is normal and as intense as the reasons. You could sell it because you don’t like the design anymore, or desperately need cash, or even want to get rid of the bad memories associated with it. Nevertheless, uncertainty could prevail and deter you […]


A Guide To Calculating Diamond Prices In The UK Based On The 4 C’s

Sellers or buyers, whenever it comes to diamonds, people always live with the constant fear of getting ripped off. Yes, your budget determines your decision considerably. Everyone would like the ‘best ever value for money.’ Sellers would seek to trade the precious stone at a maximum profit; buyers would stay conscious of overpaying. To ease […]


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