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We are full members of The Campaign for Ethical Jewellery which means as a company, we are always very concerned that diamonds are being mined ethically with proper recognised labour, fully looked after and fully protected and working in good and safe conditions.

By us purchasing second hand diamond rings, we are actually protecting the mines, as the more second hand pieces of diamond jewellery we purchase, then there is a lesser need to mine for them. When we do purchase diamonds from the trade, we also will only purchase diamonds from a company who only purchase their diamonds from companies who abide by the Kimberley agreement.

The above is our fully committed support and pledge to an industry so close to our hearts.

Campaign for Ethical Jewellery

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      "We will also pay you the market price for the gold or platinum in your diamond jewellery."

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      Our in-house diamond experts have between them 50 years experience within the diamond and jewellery industry. This gives the assurance that we are well placed to offer you the best possible price within the market for your goods. Our process is transparent, friendly, safe and quick. All your goods sent to us are all fully insured whilst in our possession under our Jewellers Lloyds of London Insurance Policy.


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