How You Can Get Your Diamond Prices: GIA Brings To You Some Help

Diamonds are really not for the faint-hearted. Neither the purchase of the gem is easy, nor the selling. So, which one are you? Brave enough to sell off your unused ring? These might help you.

Parting with a diamond is a heavy deal. You have to be emotionally strong. Having said that, the situations might be as such that you might be compelled to sell it off, what would you do then? You might not be a professional when you’re dealing with the gem.

So How to Get the Best diamond Prices?

To this, get the following calculation.

Cost of a Diamond = Carat Weight x Diamond Price per Carat

Here, you must know the only factor on which a diamond’s price might depend on is the 4-Cs. Yes, this is quite common as a phrase, and is quite know to all. So, let’s just get a bit deeper to give you enough light in this context.

As per the calculation, you will see that the cost of the diamond is majorly depended on the carat weight, then what about the other 3-Cs?

This might raise your eyebrows. So, here we shall explain how money for diamond changes depending on the 3-Cs, which again affects the carat and hence changes the price.

How colour is affecting carat?

You must know that every diamond is unique and special. The minimal differences make them different; hence slight difference in colour would also make a dramatic change in the price. 

The yellower the diamond, the cheaper gets the rate. You can look at the chart below to know the scenario.

Source: GIA

Do you know what a master stone is? You have a chance of getting paid by maximum rate if your stone is a master stone. Considered as the most whitish diamond, such master stones would be graded as ‘D’ in the scale below:

Source: GIA

How is clarity affecting the carat?

If you want the perfect rate of diamond today when you sell off your gem, then you must know that clarity is directly proportional to the carat value of it.

Diamonds are regarded as ‘flawless’ only when a skilled grader doesn’t find any visible inclusions or blemishes when examined under 10-power (10X) magnification. 

 Source: GIA

How is cut affecting the carat?

A beautifully cut diamond would make be like a spectrum, emitting light from everywhere. Dazzling light from everywhere, it displays the talent and sharpness of a craftsman. Every angle and every facet should disperse when it comes in contact with light.

Just like the image below:

Source: GIA

So, when you need to increase the value of your gem, all you need to do is get the 4-Cs checked. Once, you have them in order, it will automatically increase the carat weight and hence, increasing the value of your gem. Though it might take some time and investment, but when you sell it, the amount will be the double.

So, think not and start focusing on the factors mentioned above.

Have a happy deal!