The Best Place To Sell Your Diamond Jewellery With Maximum Profit

Putting your diamonds up for sale involves a lot of shilly-shally. Hesitation is normal and as intense as the reasons. You could sell it because you don’t like the design anymore, or desperately need cash, or even want to get rid of the bad memories associated with it.

Nevertheless, uncertainty could prevail and deter you more if you are not sure of WHERE to trade them safely. Even if you plan hard, things might not go as per. Don’t fret. Towards the end of this write-up, you’ll be free from all doubts and able to have a profitable bargain for your gems.

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Where To Sell My Diamond

Here are your options in a nutshell:

  1. Mom-and-pop shops.
  2. Pawnbrokers.
  3. Local Jewellers.
  4. Auction and private sale online.
  5. Professionals in the second-hand market.

Wondering where to sell your jewellery? – Try Mom-and-Pop shops.

These shops are small, and often run by married couples who deal with small-sized consignments. If you are not much in a hurry and taking your sweet time to decide where to sell jewellery, such shops could be your best bet.

They are earnest, safe, family-owned, and reliable. The only glitch with them would be, you might have to wait for the ornament to sell and get your money. Are you willing? Go on if it’s a yes.

How about pawnbrokers?

They are a popular option as well. However, the problem with pawnbrokers is, they aren’t much aware of diamonds and their characteristics. They won’t be able to help you much with an accurate price estimate.

Moreover, it is said that they offer very little in return of the jewel. Not their fault; they have to pay for their employees and store, remember? And this is how they balance the budget. Would you exchange the stone for cash at a pawnbroker’s shop? Think again.

Where to sell your diamond jewellery? – Could local jewellers help?

After pawnbrokers, people often put their trust on local jewellers. They believe, these ‘experts’ can guide them through the sale and bring about handsome cash. Wrong. In terms of expertise, they are even with the pawnbrokers.

Their consumer base is small because of which they are not able to offer top dollar for the gem. Their resale potential is very limited and they are ever afraid of the likeliness of tumbling to a loss. Still considering them for where to sell diamond jewellery? Things could go haywire as not all local jewellers are interested in all gems.

Are auctions and online private sales reliable?

Although ‘online’ seems like a convenient option, we cannot call it 100% reliable. There are two ways to do it – auction and private sale. Let’s talk about the disadvantages. Firstly, such sites are generic, meaning, they are not ‘experts’ in dealing with the precious stone.

You might have a difficult time hunting for potential buyers, let alone getting a good bargain. Secondly, these sites can barely calculate the price accurately. You could end up selling off the gem at a loss. Even worse, because the final price is never negotiable.

Never expect a quick sale from them. Like mom-and-pop stores, they too might demand that you wait for a long time. Thirdly, the trust factor comes into play. Please keep in mind that it’s a money matter. Better be safe than sorry.

Second-hand market experts sound promising for the ‘where to sell my diamond’ query, don’t you think?

Websites that offer such services employ GIA-trained expert gemologists. They can come up with the best possible price through a systematic process. There’s no overhead expense like that in pawnbrokers and local jewellery shops.

Your ‘where to sell my diamond’ query is aptly answered by them at the earliest. So, you can hope for a quick sale. Most of them work by sending an interested seller an ‘insured diamond pack.’ This is where the seller is supposed to put his precious stones and send it back to them.

Once the company receives the gems, they are valued and the estimate is sent to the owner. The latter is asked to give his bank details only when he accepts the offer. If not accepted, the gems are returned free of cost and again, in an insured pack. Could it get any safer?

Hope this write-up has cleared all your doubts about the safest and most profitable place to sell your precious jewellery. Have you ever experienced any of them? Do you want to suggest a better way? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.