How to assess the clarity of your diamond?

Clarity: is an indication of a diamond’s purity. Clarity is determined by a diamond’s naturally occurring internal characteristics. These characteristics are sometimes not visible to the naked eye and they are what make each diamond unique. The characteristics, or inclusions, may look like crystals, feathers, clouds or dark spots and the quantity, size, and location of these inclusions does have an affect on a diamond’s value. Diamonds with fewer and smaller inclusions generally are more brilliant, assuming that the colour and cut are the same.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has established the jewellery industry’s standards for diamond clarity based on 10-power magnification. A diamond is graded by its relative departure from “flawless”–the complete absence of inclusions under 10 x magnification. Less than 1% of all diamonds ever found have had no inclusions and can be called flawless (FL) or internally flawless (IF). VVS diamonds are also extremely rare. VS diamonds are of superior quality and are used in extremely fine jewellery. This clarity grade becomes more important as the diamond size increases. A large percentage of jewellery is made with SI quality diamonds. These diamonds are perfect for diamond studs or multi-stone diamond earrings, rings and bracelets or as accents in gemstone rings. I quality diamonds are acceptable as well for diamond jewellery or as accents but the sparkle is reduced by the number and location of inclusions.

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