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We are happy to purchase loose and certificated diamonds and also diamond jewellery in any form. Through our sister company Jewellery Cave, we have our own premises at 48B Hendon Lane, London N3 1TT. We have many trade, private and public customers looking to buy pre-loved jewellery.

In our on-site workshop, we can re-polish the jewellery we buy from you enabling us to resell it as fully polished and quality-checked, “as good as new”. This means we can pay you more than for a scrap piece of jewellery. If your jewellery is from a famous, branded jeweller, we will pay a premium on this.

How We Work Out The Price 
1. We weigh your item and work out the value of the current price of the precious metal.
2. We work out the diamond carat weight along with its colour and purity.
3. We work out, if applicable, the coloured stone value.
4. We work out what it would cost us to produce the piece of jewellery.
We then add up 1,2,3, and 4, and will tell you each section’s value with our final offer.

List Of Jewellery We Purchase
Tiffany-style solitaire diamond rings
Diamond halo earrings
Diamond pendants with or without chains
Diamond necklaces
Diamond eternity rings
Diamond-set wedding bands
Diamond bangles
Diamond tennis bracelets
Diamond brooches
Diamond signet rings

The jewellery above that we wish to purchase can be from any era, as we are happy to buy Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and jewellery from the 1950s to now.

How We Pay For Your Diamonds

Following your request, we will send you a Royal Mail Special Delivery pack. In the pack you will find a pre-paid envelope and a secure pouch to hold your valuables. The pack is insured for up to £500. If your goods are worth more which normally they are, then when you go to the post office please say you wish to pay the extra cost of about £3 on our parcel which will then give you full insurance cover of £2500. If your goods are worth above £2500, then we are covered for up to £15000 within our Lloyd’s Jewellers’ Block Policy.

Once we have evaluated your goods we will contact you to tell you the maximum price we can pay. Assuming you are happy with our offer we will then ask for your bank details and do a bank transfer.

In the unlikely event of us not purchasing your items, we will return them to you free of charge, fully registered. The pack will be fully covered by us for the maximum insurance value of £2500.

If you don’t feel comfortable using Royal Mail, please visit us at 48B Hendon Lane, London N3 1TT.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 10am-1pm by appointment only.

Contact Us
Call us on 020 8446 8538
WhatsApp 07770 303745
Email [email protected]

Diamond Calculator

    Please provide the details below to access and open the calculator and get an instant price for your diamond and or diamond jewellery.

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      Next step: Fill in all the details below, to get an instant cash price for your diamond. Our calculator is giving prices for single diamonds only.

      "We will also pay you the market price for the gold or platinum in your diamond jewellery."

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