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The team at HOW Cash for Diamonds are waiting to hear from you right now if you have diamonds to sell and wish to upgrade them. Some of our customers would rather upgrade their diamonds than get cash for them, so if you’re looking for something bigger and better, they can help. Why not take a look around the website today to see what’s on offer, or give them a call? Once you’ve found a diamond you’re interested in, you can part-exchange it for what you have. What’s more is that the team can give you a little bit more than they would be able to if they were simply purchasing from you but not selling you anything.

Talk to the Team Today

They also offer a complete design facility which enables you to put your new diamond into any design or setting of your choosing via CAD design. Why not get in touch with the friendly professionals at HOW Cash for Diamonds today to find out more? The in-house diamond experts at HOW Cash for Diamonds have fifty years of experience to draw upon and are happy to give you the best price possible for your old diamonds. To find out more, head to the home page.

Contact Our Experts

Our in-house diamond experts have between them 50 years experience within the diamond and jewellery industry. This gives the assurance that we are well placed to offer you the best possible price within the market for your goods. Our process is transparent, friendly, safe and quick. All your goods sent to us are all fully insured whilst in our possession under our Jewellers Lloyds of London Insurance Policy.


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