How To Find Out About Diamond Points

Do you need to know more about diamond points? Then why not get the answers you’re seeking from leading London jeweller HOW Cash for Diamonds? Diamond points refer to the weight of diamonds. Contrary to what many people believe, diamonds aren’t valued on their size, and it is in fact their weight which decides how much they sell for. The number assigned to a diamond relates to how much it weights in comparison to a carat, so a 50-point diamond would weigh half a carat, whilst a 10-point diamond would be worth a tenth of one.

An Outstanding Jewellery Service

HOW Cash for Diamonds are experts in all aspects of jewellery, and are happy to give you the expert information you need to come to an informed decision on selling your diamonds. They make it easy to sell your diamonds for the best price and their services have been used by thousands of people across the UK. Selling your diamonds to the team is easy – just get a provisional quote via the online form or give the team a call. Post them off via Special Delivery to receive a final price. You can learn more about HOW Cash for Diamonds and its parent company Jewellery Cave by heading to the home page.

Contact Our Experts

Our in-house diamond experts have between them 50 years experience within the diamond and jewellery industry. This gives the assurance that we are well placed to offer you the best possible price within the market for your goods. Our process is transparent, friendly, safe and quick. All your goods sent to us are all fully insured whilst in our possession under our Jewellers Lloyds of London Insurance Policy.


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