Diamond Points

Have you heard jewellers talking about diamond points? Are you confused about the meaning of term? Diamond points are used to refer to the weight of diamonds. For instance,a 10 point diamond would be weigh a tenth of a carat, whilst a 50-point diamond would have the equivalent of half a carat. The value of a diamond isn’t determined by its size as much as its weight. One diamond can be worth much more than another diamond of the same size. If you do have any questions about identifying the worth of your diamonds before you sell them, talk to HOW Cash for Diamonds today.

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The team at HOW Cash for Diamonds are experts when it comes to diamonds. They can offer you advice on a whole host of relevant topics and are happy to give some of the best princes for diamonds on the market. Why not contact them today to find out more if you are considering swapping your diamonds for cash in the run up to Christmas but want to get the best price possible? Find out more about the work that the team do by heading to the home page.

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Our in-house diamond experts have between them 50 years experience within the diamond and jewellery industry. This gives the assurance that we are well placed to offer you the best possible price within the market for your goods. Our process is transparent, friendly, safe and quick. All your goods sent to us are all fully insured whilst in our possession under our Jewellers Lloyds of London Insurance Policy.


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